lgrier-luiy-banner2Katie, Alex and CharlieI am a mom to two handsome boys, wife to a high school history teacher and full-time worker bee at a greeting card company outside of Boston. I have always liked to write, starting as far back as middle school, where I wrote newsletters with made-up stories starring my friends. I was able to distribute these thanks to our home dot-matrix printer. Boy do I miss tearing off those perforated edges.

With my love of books and writing, it was a given I would become an English major, and I even spent a couple of years working at a real newspaper, but these first-person essays are where I’ve always shined. I’m excited to share some of my day-to-day discoveries and thoughts with you.

When I’m not doing the mom/wife/employee thing, I like to work on photo projects or anything graphic-design related. I am also super into Hostess cupcakes, consignment shops and taking photos on the auto setting. I crochet animal hats – matching ones for the boys obviously – and I spend an obscene amount of time planning activities and meals with the help of Pinterest.

Join me as I try to entertain two busy boys! Get weekly updates by using the sign up box to the right, or follow me on Pinterest for recipes, activity ideas and other fun stuff.

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