Meet my busy kid

He said it rather nonchalantly, but Dr. Cooper’s observation of “he’s busy,” was something of a defining moment. Not hyperactive, not out-of-control. My kid is busy. It sounded like an okay thing, while we watched him inspect the cabinets, exam bed, rolling chair and everything else in the room. I needed to hear that, because raising a busy 1-year-old who also was not the world’s greatest sleeper was taking every ounce of patience and fortitude I had. And of course I was wondering if it was all somehow the result of some fault in my parenting.

I kind of knew I was in for it. Alex spent the latter part of my pregnancy kicking his legs seemingly nonstop. You could actually see his little feet poking out. As a baby, the kicking continued. He would kick his legs super fast and screech, because that’s fun.

He was a little late to the party on rolling and crawling, but when he figured out how to stand up on his own, it was fast-track all the way to walking, then running, then climbing. And most recently, requests for “fly!”

Some things have gotten easier with time. We can communicate with each other better. He’ll sit and watch Thomas the Tank Engine or Barney so I can get something accomplished without worrying about him being in mortal peril. But at 2.5, the meltdowns are pretty dramatic. And there’s the flying. I’ve found that with parenting a busy kid, things get easier over time, but there’s always a new challenge waiting in the wings. Long story short: never a dull moment.


Alex’s little brother, Charlie, joined our family 7 months ago. I said it as kind of as a joke to my husband, but really very seriously, that it would be unfair for me to have two busy kids. The universe agreed, and delivered to me a quiet, sweet little boy. I am so grateful for his peaceful spirit. It’s keeping me somewhat sane in this season of raising young children. I continue to enjoy watching Alex grow and develop into a little person, and I can’t wait to see how Charlie turns out. I know it will be (quietly) epic.


I decided to start this blog in part because I needed a better evening hobby than playing Candy Crush. There are probably some useful things I could do around the house, but 2.5 years into this parenting gig, I can tell you that I don’t make super productive use of my time after 7 p.m. This way I can be creative, and perhaps put my other addiction - Pinterest - to good use.

I thought about joining the mommy blogger fray in the past, but I didn’t think I had anything new or interesting to add to the discussion. It’s true there is a lot out there on parenting and raising kids, but there’s just one me and one Alex and one Charlie, so that’s something. And if I can build a little community of tired-out moms who love their busy boys (or girls!), then all the better.

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