Toddler-Friendly Dipped Marshmallows

Growing up we had lots of sweets available to us around the holidays – rugelach, spritz cookies and an assortment of powdered-sugar coated confections. Many thanks to my mom and aunts, all accomplished bakers, for these delicious memories. I wanted to share this sweet experience with Alex and have him help with the preparation, but at (almost) 3-years-old, it has to be pretty simple. I thought about having him decorate sugar cookies, but I’m lazy and don’t like frosting things. So, I did what I usually do and wasted an evening on Pinterest looking for ideas. I found precisely what I was looking for: dipped marshmallows.

Dipped Marshmallows

Here’s my toddler-adjusted version. We bought a bag of Jet-Puffed marshmallows and a container 0f Baker’s dipping chocolate (you can also make your own dipping chocolate by melting 16 ozs. of milk chocolate chips with 2 tbsp. of shortening. But then you’d have more dishes to wash). I bought lollipop sticks from the craft store, and Alex stopped sprinting around Jo-Ann Fabrics long enough to select bright pink sugar crystals and daisy candy sprinkles. I love that he supports having pink in our boy-centric house. I also got some mini chocolate chips.

Dipped Marshmallow Ingredients

I used ramekins to pour our various dipping options into, then prepped some marshmallows by putting them on the lollipop stick. I put everything on a sheet of parchment paper so we would have a non-stick place for the chocolate to dry. Heating the chocolate took about two minutes total, and I was pleased to note that the container was not too hot to handle (the contents, however, are quite warm, so I wouldn’t try this unless your kid is hip to the concept of hot things).

Parchment paper is the best!

Alex was a fan of the marshmallow on a stick concept, and started eating them immediately.

Alex vs. the marshmallow

Once he got that out of his system, he seemed to enjoy the dipping concept. Ed and Charlie came over to watch, and Ed dipped a few himself at Alex’s request, so consider this an excellent family activity (bonus!). Next time I think I would wait a few minutes for the chocolate to cool a bit — we had lots of chocolate goop co-mingling with the sprinkles and I think the chocolate just needed to firm up a bit. We managed to dip about 10 marshmallows before Alex moved on to other things, so it was not super successful in terms of focus, but I still think he liked it. 

While setup took about as long as the execution, this was easy-peasy clean-up since everything stayed on the parchment paper. Our hardest-working family member (the Roomba) took care of the spilled mini M&Ms under the table. At least the ones that weren’t stuck to Charlie’s pants or in his mouth. There are benefits to being small and floor-bound.

Charlie continues to approve of his experience with solid foods to date.

Charlie continues to approve of his experience with solid foods to date.


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  1. Such a fun treat and I love your writing style :) My daughter is not so little anymore (17 and 6′ 1) but we discovered fondue style chocolate with fruits and rice crispy treats- why do they taste so good? Thanks for the fun post!

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